Retrofitting Systems

          Retrofit your system to improve efficiency.

  • Pressure too high? spray heads are fogging? Install a pressure reducing valve or  upgrade to in stem pressure regulated spray heads that operate at the optimal 30PSi range for spray or 45psi for stream spray rotors.
  • Erosion problems and losing stored water in your lines due to low head drainage?  Install sealed units that include a check valve at the base of the sprinkler head to prevent this issue.  Design system lateral lines to run across slopes when possible.
  • Is your house, path, deck and driveway getting a good wash down each time you irrigate?  Minor adjustments is sometimes all it takes to minimise this type of waste.  Go one step further and relocate heads, raise or lower them if needed, adjust nozzle trajectory. Use cycle and soak feature on your timer.
  • Ponding or pooling in irrigated areas? Reduce run times, use cycle and soak, deal with compaction or soil issues. Raise or lower heads that are being blocked by foliage.
  • Schedule your water cycle for early mornings to reduce evaporation losses.
  • Familiarize yourself with your controller and utilise the seasonal adjustment water budget feature.
  • Install a rain or weather sensor.
  • Convert spray heads to drip irrigation at the plants root zone to reduce wasted water.
  • Mulch your beds to retain the moisture.
  • Arrange your system into zones that make sense such as plants with similar water requirements.
  • Don’t forget to zone your system according to exposure: Sun, Shade, part, full and mix.
  • Allow for future expansion of your system so that it waters efficiently and is not maxed out.