Rainwater Harvesting

Capturing and storing rain water is an ancient concept that has come around full circle and is fast becoming the norm again. Either by passive harvesting or active harvesting, keeping water on your property to utilize for outdoor use and indoor potable and non-potable use is a smart choice.

Many people are enjoying the benefits of this sustainable practice which comes with many benefits, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • The ability to collect and store water helps alleviate the problem of storm water run-off and erosion issues.
  • Diverting rain passively via swales to slowly infiltrate into your land makes it healthier and reduces additional irrigation requirements through drier periods.
  • Collecting and storing rain in above ground tanks and cisterns can be put to good use during drier periods and water can be slowly returned back to the ground via drip irrigation. This will keep the soil moisture content more stable and reduce the need to use municipal or well water resources.

Being in control of your own water collection and re-use helps you to be more aware of conserving more water which can become a fun and rewarding process.

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