save the rain

Capturing and storing rain in the southern gulf islands is fast becoming an essential part of island living.  Whether it is used for outdoor use, laundry and toilets or incorporated into a more complex potable water system many people are either by choice, or by necessity using rainwater.

So how much rainfall is there?

On average the southern gulf islands get around 41” of annual rainfall.  Depending on the roof size this can amount to thousands of usable gallons throughout the year that can be stored, used and replenished.  Of course there are many factors to consider such as roof size, type and exposure.  Whether it is a small roof and barrel for the chicken coop or a larger system from your house to provide the veggie beds and green house the options are  endless.

So, start by deciding what you want to use your harvested water for. Then you can begin to assess how much you will need to capture and store to get you through the dry spells!

More on capturing and storing water to come!