3 Helpful Gadgets for Your Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Irrigation and rainwater-harvesting systems take a great deal of work off our shoulders, watering our many plants early in the morning and while we are away. You may be happy with the amount of help they offer you currently… but you might also be interested to know that things can be even more convenient!

Here are three cool devices to add to your irrigation or rainwater-harvesting system. We can offer these as part of our installation service or easily retrofit them to a pre-existing system. 

    1. Cloud-Based Smart Controllers

    Image: Rachio Smart Irrigation Controller

    What is it?

    Just like any other irrigation controller, this is where you set all the parameters for your watering schedule. Unlike regular controllers however, a smart controller can connect with an app on your phone and thus be operated from any location! As long as you have signal of course.

    What does it do?

    The smart controller connects to local weather stations and can adjust your watering schedule according to the weather and seasons. It can turn off your system if rain is in the forecast, and adjust for summer heat or cool fall weather. You can also input information about the soil, sun exposure, and types of plants in each zone to create an ideal watering schedule.  

    Why is it useful?

    Smart controllers allow you to activate, turn off, or adjust your irrigation system from your phone with the click of a button. You can choose to stick with a strict watering schedule, or allow the controller to make adjustments based on weather conditions, or even based on the soil moisture of each zone if you want to get really flexible!

    You can read more about the particular smart controller we supply using the following link: https://rachio.com/rachio-app/ 

    2. Flow Control Monitoring


    Image: Rachio Flow Sensor

    What is it?

    A flow sensor, also called a flow meter, is a device that attaches to your system’s main water line. This can be easily retrofitted on an existing system’s main line, and monitors the rate of water flow supplied to each zone as it runs.

    What does it do?

    As you run each zone, the flow sensor measures how quickly water is passing through the pipes in gallons per minute. This measurement can be observed manually with an analogue sensor, or transmitted to a smart-controller using a digital flow sensor for easy viewing on your phone. 

    Why is it useful?

    You’ll know exactly how much water is being used per zone every time you run your system. If the sensor detects abnormally high water flow, it can work with the irrigation controller to immediately respond by closing the water supply or alerting you to the issue. This is helpful in preventing leaks, which waste water and can potentially cause damage if left unserviced. 

    3.Rain Tank Level Gauges

    Image: ParemTech PTLevel Water Level Monitor

    What is it?

    A rain tank level gauge easily attaches to your rain tank and monitors the water level inside. Gauges can be wired or wireless, and can send push notifications to your phone when the water level increases or decreases to a certain point.

    What does it do?

    The wired or wireless gauge is secured outside the tank, while an attached pressure chamber is dropped inside the tank to float in the water. As the water level rises and falls, the pressure changes inside the pressure chamber are read and transmitted to your phone. The PTLevel pressure chamber is potable-water safe, and this gauge can be used in tanks to a depth of 18 feet. 

    Why is it useful?

    Instead of peering down your tank at the float sensor readings each time you want to know how much water you have left, this wifi-connected gauge sends the water level information straight to your phone. Using the app, you can see exactly how full your tank is at that moment whenever you are connected to wifi. You can also set alert points, which allows the gauge to notify you when your water level exceeds or falls below a certain point, so you’ll be well aware if you need to conserve your water.  

    You can read more about the PTLevel Water Monitor at the following link: https://paremtech.com/ptlevel/

    *We are also currently looking into water level gauges that use ultrasonic waves and do not need to be submerged in your collected water. Stay tuned! 


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